PSEBP-10DL 10,000 LB. 2 Post Base Plate Lift

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All Equipment sold through Pro-Series Equipment is Distributed by DWI Power Systems!

The PSEBP-10DL is a commercial grade 2 Post Lift made for professional mechanics and hobbyists alike. This lift is perfect for home mechanics or high volume shops & garages.

This is a Two Post BASE PLATE / OPEN TOP Vehicle Lift. The PSEBP-10DL features symmetric columns and a hybrid Symmetric / Asymmetric Lifting Arm design for an all in one versatile lift solution - You get TWO Lifts In ONE!

The Base Plate Lift design used on this model allows this lift to be installed in low ceiling environments. The cables and hydraulic hoses are routed under a base plate between the two posts. With a post height of only 9’-2", this lift can be installed in almost any garage. Careful consideration must be taken for the vehicles that will be lifted, while the posts themselves require only low ceilings, the height of the actual vehicle itself, along with the lifting height of this equipment must be accounted for to prevent vehicle damage.

The PSE 10,000 BP lift also includes a 2 stage screw-up lifting adapters, a powerful 220V hydraulic power unit, SINGLE point safety lock release, powder coat finish, & all installation hardware.


Product Features:
  • Low Ceiling Post Design: The PSEBP-10DL is perfect for low ceiling applications, The overall post height on this lift is only 9’-2" high!
  • Carriage Cut-Off Switch: Safety cut off can be set in multiple positions to prevent vehicle damage for commonly lifted vehicles.
  • 220V Power Unit: Our powerful 220V Power Units are manufactured to strict specifications and increase speed & durability for all Pro-Series Equipment lifts!
  • Key Controlled Security: The control panel on this lift allows simple operation of lifting/lowering and the Single Point Lock Release. Key Security also improves safety!
  • SINGLE Point Safety Lock Release: The single point safety lock release system makes operation easier for mechanics and increases service volume.
  • Hybrid Symmetric & Asymmetric Design! Our versatile arm design allows this lift to lift vehicles 50/50 AND 40/60! YOU GET 2 LIFTS IN 1!
  • Screw Pad Adapters: The telescopic screw-up pad design on this lift makes Truck Adapters unnecessary for most vehicles!
  • Rubber Door Guards: Rubber Door Guards on each post help to prevent accidental door dings and save you money!
  • Heavy Duty Steel Carriage: The PSE 10,000 BP Carriages’ Heavy-Duty design provides strength and security, along with 10 Safety Lock positions!
  • Base Plate Design: The cables and hoses on the PSE 10,000 BP run underneath a heavy-duty base plate to allow a convenient low ceiling design.

    Product Specs:

    Weight Capacity: 10,000 LBS.
    Design Style: Base Plate (Open Top)
    Column Configuration: Symmetric
    Lifting Arm Configuration: Symmetric
    Floor Plate Dimensions: 18" x 13½"
    Column Dimensions: 11 x 7¼"
    Shipping Weight: 1,750 LBS
    Lift Height Overall: 113½"
    Lift Width Overall: 134¼"
    Drive Thru Clearance: 100"
    Width Inside Columns: 109"
    Width Outside Columns: 134"
    Max. Clearance Under Lift Arms: 70½"
    Max. Lift Height (Natural): 75"
    Max. Lift Height (w/ Included Adapters): 81"
    Min. Lift Pad Height: 4"
    Safety Locking System: Dual Point Release
    Lifting Time: 51 Seconds
    Motor HP: 2 HP
    Motor Voltage: 220V

    Extra Features

    • CE Certified Lift Structure and Hydraulic System
    • Third party tested with a dynamic load capacity of 115%
    • Third party tested with a static load capacity of 150%
    • Durable hydraulic system
    • Easy to operate and maintain
    • Double point safety lock release
    • Double Seal Rings Protecting PU Material
    • Carriage Material Q355 (ASTM A572), Stronger Than Normal Q235 Steel
    • Lifting operation by pressing "UP" button on motor
    • Manual lowering operation by pressing lever
    • Relief valve built in power pump to prevent overloading
    • Automatic arm lock restraints
    • Relief valve built in power pump to prevent overloading
    • Floor guards protection rubber
    • Up-limit switch to protect cylinders working stroke used in safe length scope
    • Heavy duty 3/8" diameter cable and 5" pulley that reduce high stress on synchronization process and increase cable life
    • Upgraded Floor Plate, Beveled Diamond Plate Steel 5/32" with Supporting Bracket.
    • Ultra high molecular self lubricating nylon slider that ensures carriage smooth moving up and down