Distributor Information

The National Pro Series Equipment Distributor program is an invitation to you to join our company in selling hydraulic equipment. We currently have a network of dozens of distributors all across North America which do a very large volume of business with us on a weekly basis.

How can I receive more information about this program?

If you are interested in learning more about our different levels of Distribution Partnerships call us during the day at 317-736-5094.

What are the benefits of the distributor program?

First, when you join our Distributor Program, you will receive discounts on all of the products we offer!

Second, you will also be eligible to receive FREE SHIPPING on any order you place with us which fills a shipping container!

Lastly, when you join the Auto Tool USA network of Distributors, you will receive "Protected Territory" status. This means that your company will become our contact in your area for some of the sales and service requests we receive from our high volume call center.

We have a few different distributor levels from buying a few products at one time to full container purchasing options. We will work with you to find the option that is best for you and your business. Additional assitance is available for technical service, warranty, protection plans, and marketing programs.

Additionally, we provide a training program to educate you on not only product knowledge, but also how to effectively sell in your market.

Call Us: 317-736-5094

Emergency Service: 317-833-0989

Toll Free number: 888-736-5094

Email us: Sales@dwipower.com

All Equipment sold on this site is Distributed by DWI Power Systems