PSE WB-360 Wheel Balancer

PSE WB-360

Wheel Balancer


The PSE WB-360 is an excellent Wheel Balancer for garages / shops / home mechanics who need to be able to handle balancing very large truck and equipment wheels.

The PSE WB-360 features both Metric and Standard operation display with Normal, Static, AL1, AL2 & AL3 Balancing Modes. More information on the features in this model are below.

This Wheel Balancer also features a pneumatic lift that assists when positioning large, heavy wheels. The PSE WB-360 is capable of handling wheels that weigh well over 400 LBS!

The PSE WB-360 includes 2 sets of balancing adapters that mount onto 2 changable arbors - depending on the size of the rim you need to balance. The included mounting adapters are made to handle wheels that have a center bore up to 11.2" and an overal diameter up to 26" diameter.


Included Items:
  1. (1) 40mm Quick Release Nut
  2. (1) 60mm Heavy Duty Wingnut
  3. 6 Centering Cones: Full range of Centering Cones and Mounting Rings (when necessary) for handling almost any wheels on the market!
  4. Wheel Weight Pliers: Rubber grip Wheel Weight Pliers for applying and removing wheel weights onto the rim
  5. Keys For Switching Arbors: Full set of necessary Allen Wrenches for switching the 40 mmc Arbor to the 60 mm Arbor.
  6. Large & Small Calibration Weights: Wheel weights needed for calibrating this machine.
  7. Pressure Cup w/ Rubber Protection Ring: Placed inside the Quick Release Nut / Wing Nut to hold wheel in place and protect the wheel's finish.
  8. Rim Measurement Gauge: Caliper style measurement gauge for entering the width of the wheel into the machine during balancing.
  9. Standard 40mm Arbor: This is the standard Arbor designed for handling most standard sized wheels.
  10. Large 60mm Arbor: This heavy duty Arbor is built to handle large, heavier rims and the mounting adapters needed to work with them.
Product Specs for the PSE WB-360
Model Number: PSE WB-360
Type: Wheel Balancer
Rim Width Range: 1½" - 20"
Rim Diameter Range: 10" - 26"
Max. Tire Diameter: 52"
Max. Wheel Weight: 440 LBS.
Balancing Speed: 42 - 120 RPM
Accuracy: 1 gram
Weight Position Resolution: 1 degree
Automatic Data Entry: YES
Self Calibrating: YES
Power Supply: 110V / 60Hz Single Phase
Rim Width Gauge: INCLUDED
Quick Release Nut: INCLUDED
Wheel Weight Pliers: INCLUDED
Set of Cones (4 Pieces): INCLUDED
Calibration Weight: INCLUDED
Wheel Safety Hood: NOT AVAILABLE
Motorcycle Adapters: OPTIONAL
Truck Adapters: OPTIONAL
Shipping (Approx.): 785 LBS.

Package Dimensions:
Shipping Method: Freight (LTL)
Shipping Length: 43½"
Shipping Height: 48"
Shipping Width: 42"
Shipping Weight 785 LBS.
Packaging Information:

This equipment weighs approximately 785 LBS. If you have any questions or would like more information on this equipment, Call 1-800-708-3126 to speak to a Pro-Series Equipment rep today.

Shipping Process:

This equipment will ship as a FREIGHT item via LTL common carrier. The customer is responsible for providing a shipping address that will be able to accept the shipment. Customers are responsible to ensure that the shipping address provided will be able to accomodate a large 18 wheel truck pulling into the drive / dock without any problems.

It is also the responsibility of the customer to unload the equipment from the truck when it is delivered. Due to the size and weight of the equipment, a forklift or wrecker boom will be required!

If the customer is unsure if the truck will be able to unload the shipment on their drive, and they do not have access to a commercial dock, it is strongly recommended that the equipment be delivered to a trucking terminal in the customer's area. The terminal staff will be able to unload the equipment from the trailer and load it onto a truck or trailer at no additional cost.

For more information on shipping policies for Pro-Series Equipment, click here.


This piece of shop equipment requires minimal setup and once unpacked will be up and running in no time!

"You Can Always Count On The Pros!"

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