SLRBJ6 Rolling Bridge Jack


Rolling Bridge Jack

4,000 LB. Capacity

w/ MANUAL Pump: $749.95!

w/ AIR Pump: $849.95!

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SLRBJ6 Rolling Bridge Jack

Adding a Bridge Jack to a 4 Post Lift allows operators to easily conduct wheel and brake service. The SLRBJ4 is a 4,000 LB. ROLLING Bridge Jack designed to work with our SL 12,000 FP 4 Post Lift as well as many other 4 Post Lifts on the market today! A 4 Post Lift paired with 2 Rolling Bridge Jacks allows mechanics to completely lift vehicles in the air, making service fast and easy!

The SLRBJ4 Bridge Jack is available in a Manual Hydraulic or Air / Hydraulic configuration, depending on the customer’s needs:

SLRBJ4 AIR - Provides a smooth, effortless operation and is perfect for high volume shops or those with a ready supply of compressed air. This jack requires 40 ~ 170 PSI air supply from an air compressor.

SLRBJ4 MANUAL - This model has a hydraulic hand pump for operating & raising the Bridge Jack.

All SLRBJ models of our Rolling Bridge Jacks include a FREE 6 piece set of Lifting Pads and Height Adapters, allowing operators to make secure contact with lifting points on almost any vehicle.

All of our Bridge Jacks are painted using a high quality powder coat finish.

Below you will find much more information about this product, with details on all of the INCLUDEDfeatures that set this product above the rest: Details on the Power Unit & all other Featured Components; a full list of Specifications; a Photo Gallery with more pictures of this product; Shipping Information; Optional Accessories & Combo Packages available! See Below For More Info!

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Features & Components Section Header

Bridge Jacks Details

Primary Features:

  1. Rugged Steel Construction: Provides a stable lifting platform and long operational life.
  2. Adjustable Outriggers w/ Rolling Action & Safety Locking Screws: The rolling arms on the SLRBJ4 are designed to run on a special roller channel that is found on our SL 12,000 FP. Some other 4 Post Lifts on the market have compatible channels that the SLRBJ4 will work with. The rollers where the jack contacts the runway channel provides a smooth rolling action while adjusting the jack.
  3. Long Adjustable Lifting Arms For Maximum Vehicle Lifting Point Contact Range: The Lifting Arms on the SLRBJ4 extend over the top of the runway and allow this Bridge Jack to engage a wide range of vehicle frame lifting points that are not directly over the center of the lift.
  4. 3 Position Safety Locking System:The SLRBJ's locking system ensures operator safety and relieves pressure from the hydraulic system for extended lifting times.
  5. INCLUDES 6 Piece Height / Truck Adapter Kit: The lifting pads for this Bridge Jack include a complete set of height extensions that allow the SLRBJ to make contact with most high framed vehicles.
  6. Manual Hydraulic OR Air / Hydraulic Pump: Two separate versions of this Bridge Jack are available, the most cost effective version (SLRBJ4 MANUAL) includes a Manual Hydraulic Pump operated by a quick action hand pump. A Air / Hydraulic version is also available (SLRBJ4 AIR), which provides fast, effortless lifting action!
  7. Compatible With Many Lifts On The Market! The SLRBJ4 Bridge Jacks are compatible with many 4 Post Lifts and Scissor Lifts on the market today!

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Specifications Section Header


Product Name:



Manual Pump: $749.95

Air Pump: $849.95





Weight Capacity:

6,000 LBS.





Overall Width (Arms In):



Overall Width (Arms Out):



Overall Min. Height* (w/ Lifting Pads):



Overall Max. Height* (w/ Lifting Pads):



Maximum Outrigger / Slide Arm Width:



Minimum Outrigger / Slide Arm Width:






Max. Lift Height (w/ Lift Pad):



Max. Lift Height** (w/ Sm. Adapter):



Max. Lift Height** (w/ Lg. Adapter):



Max. Lift Height** (w/ Both Adapter):



* Minimum Height & Maximum Height measurements are the overall height measurements of the entire bridge jack.

**All LIFTING Height measurements above are from the top of the runway to the top of the lifting pads.





Locking Position 1:

No Adapters: 5¼"

Small Adapters: 6½"

Large Adapters: 10¼"

BOTH Adapters: 11½"


Locking Position 2:

No Adapters: 8¼"

Small Adapters: 9½"

Large Adapters: 13¼"

BOTH Adapters: 14½"


Locking Position 3:

No Adapters: 10¼"

Small Adapters: 11½"

Large Adapters: 15¼"

BOTH Adapters: 16½"





Lifting Pad Diameter:



Lifting Pad Height:



Sm. Adapter Height:



Lg. Adapter Height:



PUMP SPECS (Manual or Air, depending on model):



Single Action Hand Pump


AIR Pump:

40~170 PSI Air / Hydraulic





Shipping Dimensions:

39" x 24" x 13"


Shipping Weight:

400 LBS.

The specs above are for the SLRBJ4. Pro Series Equipment also offers a wide variety of other Bridge Jacks designed to fit 4 Post Lifts . To see the other Bridge Jacks we have available, and for product comparisons, click here.

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Shipping Information Header

Product Packaging

Packaging Details:

This is a picture of how your SLRBJ4 will be shipped to you. Please read the Shipping Details section below for more information about our shipping procedures!

Shipping Method:

Freight (LTL) Ships via Freight!

Shipping Height:


Shipping Length:


Shipping Width:


Shipping Weight:

400 LBS.

The SLRBJ4 Bridge Jack's weight is just under 400 LBS. If you have any questions regarding shipping procedures or would like more information on this equipment, PLEASE CALL US AT 1-888-736-5094!

Bridge Jack Shipping Info:

This product will be shipped by common carrier. For more information about how this item will be shipped to you, it is always best if you call us at 1-888-736-5094 to get a shipping quote and review Complete Hydraulic's shipping procedure for this Bridge Jack with one of our sales associates.

It is vital for the customer to understand what is required of them for receiving these shipments! If you have ANY questions about shipping policies or procedures, please see detailed information here or call us at 1-888-736-5094 and one of our friendly sales associates will be happy to help you!

Destination Requirements & Unloading Equipment:

For residential deliveries, the customer's address must be able to accommodate a large 18 wheel truck pulling into and out of the drive. THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR UNLOADING THE PRODUCT FROM THE TRUCK!* Liftgates are available. Residential charges may apply. PLEASE NOTE: Truck companies may place a reasonable time limit on how long customers are allowed to take before charging extra fees - please ensure you are prepared & ready to unload your equipment when the truck arrives.

Due to the size of this equipment, customers MUST have a Forklift, wrecker boom or similar piece of equipment to unload their product from the truck. If you are unsure about unloading this equipment from the truck, do not have the space available for a semi tractor w/ a 53 ft trailer, or do not have the necessary equipment for unloading the product(s) from the truck, we STRONGLY recommend having the equipment delivered to a business address* with a dock that is equipped to unload large trucks.

*For customers unable to accommodate a large truck at their residential address and have no business address available, we STRONGLY urge them to have their product shipped to a local trucking terminal. The terminal staff will be able to unload the equipment from the truck and onto a truck or flatbed trailer for you at no additional cost, and then you will be able to unload the equipment with no time constraints.

Indiana Sales Tax:

Indiana residents must add sales tax of 7% to your final cost. If any equipment is picked up at Complete Hydraulic, the customer must pay the 7% Indiana sales tax*

* Unless the customer is tax exempt - A TAX EXEMPT FORM MUST BE PROVIDED!

Other Shipping Policies:

For more thorough overview of PSE's shipping policies, click here.


Ask About our Low Freight Rates!


Again, should you have any questions regarding shipping procedures or would like more information on this product, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL US AT 1-888-736-5094! Thank you!