PSE 14,000 FP AR 4 Post Alignment Lift

PSE 14,000 FP AR

14,000 LB. 4 Post Heavy Duty Alignment Lift


The PSE 14,000 FP AR 4 Post Alignment Lift is designed for use in commercial garages that offer or specialize in alignment service. This heavy duty lift is an unbeatable, all inclusive, cost effective lift platform perfect for alignment work.

This lift takes all of the features offered on the standard FP even further. These lifts are designed to handle some of the biggest trucks at this load on the market today. With adjustable width runways, the PSE 14,000 FP & FP AR allow operators to close the runways together to just 42", and also space them apart up to 93". Also, with diamond plated runways that are 20" wide and 200" long, the PSE 14,000 FP AR can accommodate a huge variety of vehicles!

The PSE 14,000 FP AR includes all of the features listed with the PSE 14,000 FP, and also INCLUDES these key features: 2 Rear Slip Plates with lockable covers for times when not in use, 2 Steel Front Radius Gauges w/ 4 placement slots on each runway for a custom fit, and 2 Optional Rolling Bridge Jacks with an 8,000 LB. capacity each. All of these components come together in a package price that is unbeatable!



Product Features:
  • Fully Functional Alignment Lift! This 4 Post Lift INCLUDES: TWO 8,000 LB. Rolling Bridge Jacks, TWO Radius Gauges, TWO Rear Wheel Slip Plates!
  • Easy Adjustable Leveling on Each Column: Alignment lifts require level runways, the PSE 14,000 FP AR's columns can be individually adjusted to get the lift absolutely level.
  • Perfect For Servicing Heavy Vehicles! The PSE 14,000 FP is designed for high volume shops, lifting large vehicles, including heavy trucks and vans.
  • Wide Construction For Large Trucks: A wide drive through width, 20" wide runways, and heavy 14,000 LB. capacity, the PSE 14,000 FP is made to handle large fleet vehicles.
  • 6 Position Single Point Air Lock Release Safety Lock System: Wide range of secure locking points allow for safe operation w/ air powered single point lock release.
  • Removable Stop Plates: 4 Removable Stop Plates are included to allow you to secure vehicles from the front and rear, preventing accidents and increasing safety!
  • Adjustable 20" Wide Runways: Adjustable Runway allows the PSE 14,000 FP to lift a wide range of vehicles.
  • Heavy Duty Leaf Chain: High tensile strength chain for durability and longer operational life.
  • 37" Approach Ramps: With 37" Drive-On Approach Ramps and Diamond Plate design, getting vehicles onto this lift is easy! Low Profile vehicles are NO Problem!
  • Powerful 220V Power Unit & Large hydraulic Cylinder: The powerful hydraulic system in the PSE 14,000 FP is built for durability & reliability.
Product Specs for the PSE 14,000 FP
Model Number: PSE 14,000 FP
Capacity: 14,000 LBS.
Configuration: Heavy Duty
Post Dimensions: 10½" x 10½"
Shipping Weight: 3,000 LBS.
Overall Height: 96"
Height of the Posts: 84½"
Runway Length (w/ Ramps) 237½"
Runway Length (w/OUT Ramps) 201"
Runway Thickness 5"
Width Outside Posts: 133"
Clearance Between Posts: 121¼"
Width of Runways: 20"
Outside Width of Both Runways: 42" - 93"
Clearance Between Runways: 2" - 51"
Max. Lifting Height to Top of Runways: 71&frac;"
Max. Lifting Height on Top Lock: 65"
Max. Clearance Under Runways: 66½"
Max. Clearance on Top Lock: 60"
Lifting Speed (Approx.) 90 Seconds
Safety Locking Positions: 6

Safety Locking Positions:

(To BOTTOM of Runway)

23", 31", 39", 47", 55", 63"

Safety Locking Positions:

(To TOP of Runway)

28", 36", 44", 52", 60", 68"

Motor HP: 2HP
Motor Voltage: 220V
Phase / Frequency / AMP 1 P / 60 Hz / 20 AMP

Package Dimensions:
Shipping Method: Freight (LTL)
Shipping Length: 208"
Shipping Height: 41½"
Shipping Width: 32"
Shipping Weight 3,000 LBS.
Packaging Information:

This equipment weighs approximately 3,000 LBS. If you have any questions or would like more information on this equipment, Call 1-800-708-3126 to speak to a Pro-Series Equipment rep today.

Shipping Process:

This equipment will ship as a FREIGHT item via LTL common carrier. The customer is responsible for providing a shipping address that will be able to accept the shipment. Customers are responsible to ensure that the shipping address provided will be able to accomodate a large 18 wheel truck pulling into the drive / dock without any problems.

It is also the responsibility of the customer to unload the equipment from the truck when it is delivered. Due to the size and weight of the equipment, a forklift or wrecker boom will be required!

If the customer is unsure if the truck will be able to unload the shipment on their drive, and they do not have access to a commercial dock, it is strongly recommended that the equipment be delivered to a trucking terminal in the customer's area. The terminal staff will be able to unload the equipment from the trailer and load it onto a truck or trailer at no additional cost.

For more information on shipping policies for Pro-Series Equipment, click here.


This lift will come packaged between two steel shipping plates. The Power Unit will be banded to the lift, and all of the components, hardware and anchor bolts will be packaged inside the lift columns.

Required Tools & Materials:

You will need the following items in order to install this lift:

Concrete Rotary Hammer Drill w/ ¾" Carbide Bit, Rubber Hammer, 2 LB. Sledge Hammer, Chalk Line & Square, Socket Wrenches, Open End Wrenches, Ratchet Driver, Locking Pliers, Measuring Tape, Screwdrivers, Torque Wrench, Step Ladder, 4' Bubble Level, & 12" Adjustable Wrench.

You will also need to have 3 Gallons of AW-32 non-foaming, non-detergent Hydraulic Fluid.

Electrical Requirements:

This lift requires a 220V, Single Phase power supply on a dedicated 20 AMP circuit breaker. All electrical wiring for this lift should be done by a certified electrician!

Concrete Requirements:

The lift should be installed on a level floor with a minimum of 4" - 6" of 3,000 psi concrete (sufficiently cured). If you are unsure of the thickness of the concrete, it is best to test drill where the lift is to be installed to verify the depth of the concrete.

Installation Overview:

The instructions in the included manual should be carefully followed step by step. Our lifts are often installed by our customers, and usually will take from 4-5 hours to finish. Professional lift installation services are likely available in your area for a fee, please consult your sale representative if you are interested in learning more!

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